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Black History Month Appreciation (Day 13): Jay Z & Beyonce

Besides being the king and queen of hip-hop and R&B, Jay Z and Beyonce have a lot worth recognizing for Black History Month.

The list of accolades that follow the power couple is endless. Their combined Grammy, Emmy, and Billboard wins are nice, but the true magic lies within the rewards they reap from helping the community.

Through Jay’s Shawn Carter Foundation, he has helped children facing economic struggles receive funding to attend college. In the past, he has also modestly donated millions towards Hurricane Katrina and Sandy relief, the Keep a Child Alive Foundation to help families and children affected by HIV in Africa, and so much more. Fast forward to today, the entrepreneur has been involved in the Black Lives Matter movement and recently used his streaming service, TIDAL, to host a charity concert dedicated to those who have suffered from racial inequality due to law enforcement.

Beyonce has been just as generous. Bey has worked with numerous figures from Kelly Rowland to found the Survivor Foundation to help victims of Hurricane Katrina with transitional housing in Houston, to joining forces with Michele Obama to bring awareness to childhood obesity.

Now, the “Black Bill Gates in the making” is using her upcoming concert to fundraise for victims of the Flint, Michigan water crisis.

Jay Z and Beyonce have proved that together in the music industry, they’re unstoppable. But none of that matters if they can’t give back. Happy Black History Month to both, Jay and Bey!


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