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Black History Month Appreciation (Day 1): Amandla Stenberg

By Posted on 1 2 m read

After her Teen Vogue magazine issue, 17-year-old Amandla Stenberg has been the talk for weeks. Whether she’s taking a stand on cultural appropriation, hunger, or loving yourself, Amandla is one powerful teen. This is why we’re starting our #LiveCivilBHM with the teen sensation and why she’s unstoppable!

During her recent February magazine issue, the teen touched on embracing and knowing the value of women supporting other women instead of tearing each other down. She made a powerful statement about accepting yourself, when she said,  “I think that as a black girl you grow up internalizing all these messages that say you shouldn’t accept your hair or your skin tone or your natural features, or that you shouldn’t have a voice, or that you aren’t smart. I feel like the only way to fight that is to just be yourself on the most genuine level and to connect with other black girls who are awakening and realizing that they’ve been trying to conform.”

There’s a video clip titled “Don’t Cash Crop On My Cornrows,” where Amandla takes on the issue of cultural appropriation, and it’s pretty much amazing!

Not to mention, the actress is all about making the world a better place. She’s a long-time supporter of  “No Kid Hungry,” which aims to end childhood hunger, and we couldn’t think of a better cause to get behind.

There’s no doubting, that at such a young age, Amandla has taken a stand many have not, and this is why, we admire her ambition and positive attitude for being a role model to others.

With that being said, in honor of Black History Month, every day in February, we will be honoring a person we admire. Stay tuned! – Lupe Looove

Photo: 2016 Phillip Faraone


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