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Big Fan Wanted To Meet Taylor Swift Before Losing Her Hearing and T. Swift Made It Happen!

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Taylor Swift is always in the spirit to change someone’s life and this weekend she did it again for one of her biggest fans!

Jorja of Sydeny, Australia was diagnosed with a condition that causes progressive hearing loss when she was just 12-years-old. Jorja is a huge Taylor Swift fan and the idea of one day never hearing Taylor Swift sing tore her apart. So, her twin sister, Chloe, did what twin sisters do and worked to make her dream of meeting the singer come true.

When Chloe found out Taylor Swift would be in Sydney she got to work and created a Facebook page dedicated to helping her sister meet T. Swift. The page garnered much success and with the help of a Sydney radio station Jorja was able to meet her favorite singer in person!

Taylor Swift has a history of making wishes come true. Earlier this year she granted a 4-year-old’s final wish and she also donated $50,000 to a fan with Leukemia. Well done Taylor!



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