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Celebrity Stylist Ty Hunter Launches His Own Line of Athleisure

By Posted on 0 1 m read

Ty Hunter is the man behind Beyonce’s glamour, but now he’s making a name of his own with his line.

Queen Bey slays all day. Little did we know, Ty was responsible for most of her dazzling moments. From her Destiny’s Child days to the beauty during Met Gala, Hunter was there for it all. This time, he’s stepping out to put out his own separate project.

People reported, the stylist created a 24-piece collection of athleisure wear “for the masses.” A dream he’s been excited to bring to life. Ty was happy to take a fresh new look at fashion with a more casual touch. He explained:

“I always wanted to do something that reflects my personality. That’s why you notice everything is so colorful. Normally when you think of athleisure it’s white, gray, black, blue and if you’re trying to show out you might do a little burgundy. I just wanted to have a fun line and not take fashion too seriously.”

Congratulatios, Ty!


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