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Behind The Scenes of The Dream’s IV Play Video Shoot

By Posted on 0 1 m read

Following the release and iTunes pick up of his newest single IV Play, The Dream took to his Instagram account to post behind the scenes pics from his video shoot.

IV Play  is the title track from The Dream’s fifth studio album which is slated for a May 28th release. IV Play the track, which you can hear below, draws on a lot of 90’s R&B like R. Kelly, as well as sounding like some of The Dream’s Love/Hate era work, specifically Falsetto.  In promo of the single we have some of the behind the scenes photos which were posted on his Instagram this past weekend. In what seems a really strategic move, not much was revealed about the video by the pics he posted other than it being seemingly pretty minimalistic. Check the pics below and we want ot hear your take on what could potentially be a controversial pose? Tell us if you see it! And if you haven’t heard IV Play yet don’t worry, we got you on that too.


IVPlay 2


IVPlay 3


IVPlay 4


IVPlay 5


IVPlay 6


IVPlay 1


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