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Beauty Vlogger Destiny Godley Cancels Channel After 11 Years & Calls Out YouTube Over Algorithm

By Posted on 0 3 m read

One of the things that I have always enjoyed most about YouTube’s beauty and lifestyle community is its diversity. Whether I’m watching Jayla Koriyan live her best life as a New York City vlogger, taking notes on how to prepare delicious meals with MissLizHeart, gaining inspiration from NitraaB’s latest house to home episode, or catching up with JuicyJas, there’s something unique about each creator that keeps me coming back for more content. Each person brings something to the beauty and lifestyle community that has helped shape YouTube into what it’s become today.

That is why I was disappointed to learn that a beauty vlogger has decided to cancel her channel due to beliefs that the video-sharing website has altered its algorithm to make her videos more difficult to find and purposefully hindering black creators.

Destiny Godley has been a YouTube creator for over 11 years, providing tutorials for black women on how to apply makeup. With a channel made up of over 370,000 subscribers, it’s difficult for Destiny to ignore the fact that her numbers have dwindled over the last few years, leaving her with only a few thousand views per video. On Monday, she uploaded a video saying:

“…I’m closing this channel down. I’m closing this channel down for many reasons. Number one, YouTube decided that it’s no longer important that I reach you guys. It’s no longer important that you see my content. You have all these notifications and all these changes to the algorithm,” said Destiny. “YouTube wants everybody to be a ‘sheeple,’ do everything that everybody popular is doing, so you can be on top, but the problem is not only does this channel have algorithmic issues, but as one of you, thank God, one of you pointed out to me my channel may have been hit with whatever Swoop’s channel was hit with.”

Swoop is another YouTube creator who appears to be having the same issue with YouTube’s algorithm.

“Now, I have no idea who Swoop was, but I looked her up because I’m just like ‘yeah, let me see what this girl’s channel was hit with because my channel was hit with something.’ I go, I watch her video and I’m just like, ‘twins, twins, twins, twins’ We’re going through the same thing. My videos cannot be seen. I went through every little thing in my mind and I listen to every little penny comment that somebody had to say…My channel has been plummeting for a while, and I’m over it. I can’t even come to YouTube to enjoy myself because people are wondering what the heck is going on with your numbers. You’re an OG. You have bought us some of the most groundbreaking videos to YouTube in the beauty community, and I agree. There’s something wrong.”

In an effort to get around the issue that’s been hindering her channel from progressing, Godley is launching a new YouTube channel called “The Godley Glow,” which debuts September 1. No worries, her original content will not go to waste as she will provide a link to all of her content from the former channel as well.

Watch the full video here.


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