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Beauty Gurus’ Top Picks for SPF Moisturizers

By Posted on 3 2 m read

Spring is officially here, which means more daylight hours and warmer weather (if you’re lucky). If you’ve been neglecting your skin through the cold, winter months, it’s the perfect time to refresh your routine with some essential skin protection based on the recommendations of some of my favorite beauty vloggers.

SPF sunscreens and moisturizers should be worn all year round (yes, even when it’s cloudy, even when you’re inside). As if helping to prevent skin cancer wasn’t enough, SPFs slow the development of premature wrinkles. And if your skin already suffers from acne, discoloration, or scarring, an SPF is absolutely necessary.

But not all SPFs are created equal. There are two types of sunscreens: mineral and chemical. Mineral sunscreens have titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. These tend to be creamier and can leave a translucent white residue on the skin, making you look ashy or pale. Chemical sunscreens usually contain oxybenzone, avobenzone, octisalate, octocrylene, homosalate and octinoxate. They come in gel formulas and have a clear application on the skin, though they do need to be reapplied more often.

Here are the SPFs beauty gurus are raving about.

Jackie AinaCoverFX Clear Cover

coverfx clear cover spf moisturizer

CoverFx’s Clear Cover took home the Essence Best in Black Beauty award last year and is the YouTube star’s “favorite formula on the market”. This broad-spectrum SPF 30 acts somewhat like a blurring primer. It smoothes skin, hides pores, and fills lines.

“My skin feels ready to take on the world. My skin feels ready to clapback at anyone who says otherwise,” said Jackie of the chemical sunscreen.

Alissa AshleyOle Henriksen Truth Revealed Vitamin C Super Creme SPF 15

ole henriksen spf moisturizer

Henriksen’s skincare products are beloved by many a beauty YouTuber (the Banana Bright Eye Creme!) for their skin brightening properties. This moisturizer also comes with a clean, citrus scent.

For Alissa, Truth Revealed is a stable part of her routine. “This thing is amazing. It is so bomb,” she said.

Nikki and Evelyn of Naturally CurlyMurad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield SPF 30

murad spf moisturizer

At $65, neither Nikki or Evelyn wanted to like Murad’s gel SPF, but they couldn’t resist the primer-like finish. Developed by Dr. Murad, the moisturizer is also an anti-aging treatment good for all skin types.

“My face is 100% not greasy,” said host, Evelyn. While Nikki compared it to what “Beyoncé must feel like.”

Samantha JanePaula’s Choice Ultra-Sheer Daily Defense SPF 30

Paulas choice spf moisturizer

This lightweight, mineral sunscreen comes highly recommended for those with oily skin by vlogger, Samantha Jane, due to its mattifying properties.

“It’s one of my favorite daily creams,” Samantha said. “I 100% plan to repurchase this.”


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