Be Sure to Add These Travel Essentials To Your Packing Checklist

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Traveling has to be one of the most exciting things someone can do. The feeling of shopping, packing traveling to the airport, checking bags in, and just catching flights in general is just so satisfying.

I personally wish I had the chance to travel more. But the way my bank account is set up…there goes all the places I’ve ever dreamed of traveling to.

Speaking of packing — It takes a lot of skill and dedication to compile the necessary traveling checklist. Whether you’re a first time or seasoned traveler, it helps to have a clear and concise list to run by.

Lucky for you, we got it covered.

Here are some items you should consider when traveling:

Once you’ve selected a versatile luggage that allows you to travel stress free, now, it’s actually time to pack your bag.

Toiletry Basics

If you didn’t already know, having the proper toiletries makes a big difference. Your potential bag will consist of the daily products you already use in the comfort of your home, but just, smaller.

List #1: Taking Care of Dental Hygiene
Here’s what you’ll need to keep your oral health cool and collective.

1. Toothbrush
2. Toothpaste
3. Mouthwash
4. Floss (Not mandatory, but recommended)


List #2: Keeping Body Hygiene In Tact
1. Body Soap
2. Wash Rag
3. Deodorant
4. Lotion
5. Baby Wipes (For those ‘on the go’ days)
6. Sunscreen with SPF
7. Pads or Tampons

List #3: Keeping Your Face Clean Clear day Under-control
1. Face wash (enough for the daily and nightly routines)
2. Face wash cloths
3. Face lotion with SPF or Moisturizer
4. Makeup wipe removers
5. Cotton Balls or Pads (Based on the products you use.)

List #5: Hair Necessities
1. Hair brush
2. Tail or Wide Tooth Comb (or both)
3. Hair Ties
4. Bobby Pins
5. Shampoo & Conditioner (If necessary)


Other Items to Consider That Are Not Mandatory
1. On the go detergent
2. Vaseline/ Aquaphor
3. First Aid Kit
4. Hand Sanitizer
5. Travel Underwear
6. Shower Slippers
7. Foldable Laundry bags
8. Water bottle

Packing the Perfect Carry On: No it’s not a mini suitcase.

Your carry on should include items you need for right there and then. Like…
1. Any documents you may need throughout the trip.
2. Phone charger / Portable Charger
3. Daily medication (if applicable to you)
4. Facial/ baby wipes (Mostly for International trips)

Other items to consider that are not mandatory
1. Neck pillow and blanket
2. Eye mask
3. Earplugs
4. Book
5. Headphones

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