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Backseat Savior? 9-Year Old Driver Gets Dad To Hospital After A Brain Tumor Renders Him Unconscious

By Posted on 0 1 m read

9-year old Esteria Smith of Panama City, Fl. might be the only acceptable occurrence of backseat driving in the history of the automobile. Back in late August Esteria found herself steering the car her father was driving shortly after he lost his vision and right before he was rendered unconscious on their way to the hospital. Managing an impressive 8 blocks trip, Esteria was able to make it to the hospital driving from where she sat in the backseat, gripping the back of her fathers chair and driving with one hand. That alone sounds like the work of a Hollywood trained stuntmen but add to it the fact that her clutch reaction saved her father’s life and this becomes a larger than life story sure to touch your heart. Check out the video below!


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