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August Alsina Attributes Jada Pinkett Smith For Him Overcoming Drug Addiction

By Posted on 0 2 m read

In 2014 August Alsina reached out Jada Pinkett Smith in London after attending a Willow and Jaden Smith performance because he needed help with dealing with life and was abusing Percocet. August had an accident where he fell of the stage, “I was doing way too many shows, not taking care of myself. I was drinking so much liquor, smoking so much weed. And one night at a show in New York, I literally passed out like in the middle of the show and fell off the stage.”

It was a pretty serious accident because August went into convulsions and was in a coma for three days. August flatlined twice. He was giving Percocet to deal with the pain of the fall “I literally was given an endless supply of Percocet, if you ask my brother or anybody they like yeah I know Aug is raining percs. I’m raining pills like skittles forreal.” August is a little ashamed to admit but Jada speaks up saying 

“I remember you telling me, well I do six Percocet a day but my friends so 20.” and Jada admits that’s when it was an eye opener for her.

“I did because my step father was addicted to crack, my father was addicted to crack and an alcoholic and my introduction to drugs was that. Seeing my step father pawn the whole house for crack. I remember my step father would come home off his bingeing and I would see him shaking and sweating and I went through that thinking I had it under control and could beat it.”

“Because its coming from a doctor you are feeling like, what am I doing wrong? So it’s a tricky situation.”

August Alsina reveal a conversation with Jada was the reason he stopped abusing the drugs.

“I don’t know I was on tour or something and you called me and literally broke down about it. something has to give, I can’t love you more then you love yourself. To feel your emotion and you balling that was a reality check for me. If someone else can love you that much that it hurts them, why doesn’t it bother you that you hurt yourself. That moment changed the trajectory of my life. When I went through the experience of making the decision. It’s literally as simple as making a decision. I didn’t go to rehab or a client I went sat in my house. Withdrawals are not a good feeling at all. The shit I had to go through to get away through the pills, I felt like a bus ran me over.”


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