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Ashanti Is The Latest To Join The #MeToo Movement By Sharing Her Story Of Sexual Harrasment With Music Producer

By Posted on 2 2 m read

The #MeToo movement continues to give people the courage to speak out about their run in’s with sexual assault, especially in the entertainment industry. R&B artist, Ashanti is one of the most recent black female celebrities to share her story of sexual misconduct and discrimination.

The “Rain On Me” singer whose hits we can’t stop singing our lungs out until this day talked about it all during her interview on SiriusXM’s “Conversation with Maria Menunos,”. Ashanti revealed that she was sexually harassed by a male producer who would not listen to her music unless they were sexually involved.

“I’ve come across a situation where there was a certain producer that, you know, he had his little crush or whatever, but it wasn’t anything new, you know,” Ashanti said. “And once I said ‘no,’ all of a sudden the track became $45k.”

“It’s funny because he said something like, ‘Well just take a shower with me and let me do this,” she continued, as she explained the producer apologized when one of her “big brothers” walked into the room.

“The way that apology came in, I actually got three records for free,” Ashanti said. “And I got two of them mixed and mastered for free also.”

The songstress was thankful for having someone there who would look out for her. Who knows what would have happened if nobody was there to step in.

“I’m blessed because I have that,” she said, as she reflected on her experience. “It happens it does and it’s unfortunate.”



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