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Apple Announces All New Look of iOS7 At Today’s WWDC

By Posted on 0 2 m read

When Apple debuted the iphone 4 almost 3 years ago we were all overcome with excitement about how much had changed between the 3Gs and the 4. Today was WWDC 2013 and unlike with the 4S and the 5, Apple is again bringing us a serious overhaul to the device that over 75 Million of us know and love.

At today’s WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference) Apple rolled out a bunch of new changes to the shiny and beautiful iOS that’s pretty much been the same since it’s debut in 2007. The first is that it’s no longer “shiny” and new. In an attempt to keep up with changing trends in the mobile market Apple is doing away with the glossy round look of the they’re signature operating system. All icons are now “flat” and will fit the more flat and subtle theme that’s going to be the “new look”. Listed below are some key areas where we’ll see the most change:

MultitaskingWhen you click the home button twice currently, it pulls up a small scroll bar at the bottom of your screen that allows you to see icons for all of the apps you’ve recently used. In the new iOS7 the multitasking option will allow you to scroll through screen previews of the apps you have open; a feature similar to that which we’ve already seen on Macbooks.

Camera: In the new camera app not only do you have the option of video, still and panorama, Apple has added the ability to add filters to your photo right from the app, and capture square photos making transitioning them to instagram that much easier.

iTunes Radio: With the chokehold that Pandora has had on the streaming radio industry Apple is looking to grab their piece of the market share by introducing iTunes Radio. This new ad-based radio will be similar in the sense that you create the stations and they become more tailored to your tastes the more you listen.

For the full layout of new features, video of the entire keynote presentation and videos of all the new features, head over to As of right now iOS7 is only available to software and app developers but will be launched for the general public this fall…right in time for the new iphone device!


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