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Aoki Lee Simmons Shares Her Struggle With Embracing Her Beauty & I Can Totally Relate

By Posted on 0 2 m read

Often times we forget that celebrities and children of celebrities are human. They suffer from depression, anxiety, stress, and insecurity just like we do and if you take away the luxurious lifestyle, million-dollar homes, and expensive cars, they are far more relatable than we think they are.

Aoki Lee Simmons recently took to social media to reveal that she struggled with embracing her beauty. Aoki, who is the youngest daughter of Kimora Lee and Russell Simmons, detailed how internet trolls would often compare her appearance to that of her older sister, Ming Lee Simmons, leaving her feeling as though she wasn’t as pretty.

“I used to be very picky about pictures and not really show my face,” she says. “And [I] would often not post pictures of cool events or important moments because I didn’t really like my smile or I was standing next to my beautiful sister.”

Aoki also revealed that it’s easy to become insecure when both your mother and sister are models.

In regards to how social media impacted her self-confidence, she said “I’ve dealt with a lot of negativity on Instagram; comments saying I’m not as pretty as my big sister. We all want to look nice in our photos, but I’ve tried to let all of that go and just post pictures where I look happy or was actually having a good time. I try not to worry [about] who I’m standing next to and just share good moments with you guys.”

As a woman, who also dealt with self-confidence issues growing up, Aoki’s story is one that I know all too well. Even though I’d never felt as though I was necessarily less pretty than my loved ones, I did know that I wasn’t society’s standard version of beauty. As a young girl, who wouldn’t want the world to see them as beautiful?

Throughout my life as a teenager, I dealt with a lot of humiliation from my peers and some family members surrounding the fact that I was of a darker skin tone. While it wasn’t the most pleasant experience, it definitely taught me the importance of self-love. Later in life, I realized that my dark skin was never the issue, it was everyone else’s lack of love for self.


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