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Anyone else tired of Moscato?

By Posted on 1 2 m read

Moscato comes in about as many varieties and is made by as many different wineries as there are colors of crayons. I remember working a fundraiser at a pretty well-known university in Boston and I just so happened to be checking on the bar, when I overheard a guest ask my bartender if we were serving moscato. I walked away before allowing myself time to react but in that moment I knew I would never enjoy moscato the same again.

While I, personally, am a huge Drake fan, I credit him as over-popularizing a simple wine that was once reserved for brunch and those who were trying to ease their way into wine appreciation. That, and my aversion to clichés, led me on a search to find something new that I could enjoy and potentially surprise people with. Enter Baker’s Dozen. Baker’s Dozen is a boutique California winery that currently only produces four wines. This is a short list for a winery, but the focus here is quality, not quantity. As a white wine drinker, I feel like we’re often looked at a certain way by people who appreciate reds, and however jokingly it may be delivered or received, I jumped at the opportunity to have a red that I enjoy as much as a white. I’ve tried both their cabernet sauvignon and their pinot noir (cabernet being my favorite of the two) and am proud to say that I’ve found TWO reds that I can call my own.

In general, Baker’s produces “jammy” wines, wines that come from grapes at their peak ripeness for more sweet (nowhere near as sweet as moscato) and less tart flavors. The pinot has notes of cherry and brown sugar, and is really smooth and the cabernet is a bit richer with a blackberry aroma and influences of caramel and vanilla. What I love most is that bottles of Baker’s Dozen are less than $12, the liquor store near my house sells them for about $9, and in Massachusetts I voted for and WON a repeal on liquor tax so…all I do is win. Plus being someone who entertains a lot, I love hearing the groans when I pull out my bottles of red wine and then change the mind of my guests when they actually really like it! Get a bottle or two (or four) for your Christmas celebrations and come back and let us know what you think. For more information, or shipping if they don’t sell near you, check them out here.  Drink Civil, Live Civil. 


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