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Angela Yee Opens Juices For Life In Brooklyn, New York

Angela Yee is known for co-hosting The Breakfast Club, known to be “The World’s Most Dangerous Morning Show”. Yee, DJ Envy, and Charlamagne Tha God have been killing the radio game for years with their raw and uncut interviews and viral moments. Outside of The Breakfast Club, the co-hosts have gained their own success in different lanes. Yee is a boss on and off the airwaves, she is the owner of Juices For Life, a new juice bar in Brooklyn, New York located in Bedford-Stuyvesant or ‘Bed-Stuy’.

“Juicing is a social thing” – Angela Yee

Living in Bed-Stuy and being from Flatbush, Yee didn’t have much healthy food and drink options in her area. She opened Juices For Life for her fellow Brooklynites to be able to have access to all-natural and healthy drinks. Yee hasn’t always been a health freak, her childhood nickname was ‘Candy Ang’. Her house was filled with junk food and she drank soda every day. After a battle with high cholesterol in college, she decided to switch her diet up.

“You’re not gonna have frozen strawberries, you’re not going to have frozen berries, you’re not going to have frozen anything.” – Angela Yee

In September 2016, Juices for Life opened in Brooklyn as the franchises’ fourth location. According to a 2015 New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Community Health Profile, 64 percent of the population in Bed-Stuy is Black. One in three residents lives below the Federal Poverty Level. It is the eighth-poorest neighborhood in New York City. And 34 percent of adults consume 1 or more 12-ounce sugary drinks a day. Yee’s juice bar is found on Malcolm X Boulevard and it is surrounded by Bodegas filled with tobacco, candy, alcohol, soda, and processed foods.

“I’m just trying to it makes it more convenient to be healthier so there are no excuses” – Angela Yee

Not only is the juice bar super healthy and convenient it is also cheap. For $5 you can choose between 19 different juice combinations, with cute names like “Superthug”, an apple, lemon, ginger, and pineapple blend. While enjoying your juice you can also enjoy protein shakes, shots of wheat grass, and wi-fi. Juice bar can be a study or hangout spot for anyone looking to get their health on while enjoying some conversation with friends.

“You can do your work. You can have a meeting. Anything that it is that you need to do, you can do it in a nice comfortable safe space here.” – Angela Yee

Juices for Life plans to have special celebrity blends to attract people who are new to juicing.

“Kodak Black is going to be doing something here. The label is doing a Kodak Black Tunnel Vision drink.” – Angela Yee

Angela Yee wants to do her part in the Black community by creating healthy and unique options. Her goal isn’t to get rich, it’s to build a better and more healthy community. Your health is your wealth.

Congrats Yee, we can’t wait to give Juices for Life a try!


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