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All-New “Elevate” App Encourages Self-Care Amongst The New Generation

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While depression may seem to be an everlasting battle in today’s world, the all-new “Elevate” app is leading people of all ages towards mental, physical, and emotional success. With millions of people fighting mental health issues everyday, the health and wellness based app provides its users with a variety of tools including daily inspirational quotes and readings, self- improving challenges, interactive videos and podcasts, and access to external mental wellness hotlines. In a controlled and safe space, “Elevate” also features a digital community of like-minded people that new users are able to join and gain inspiration from.

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The official “Elevate” app includes features, such as…

  • Daily Elevate of the Day
    • Get your day going with Over 800 specific inspirational passages on a variety of topics at your fingertips daily.
  • Self-Improvement Challenges
    • Improve daily living and healthy habits with hundreds of engaging self-care challenges
  • Interactive Motivational Content
    • Elevate is equipping people to overcome adversity and manifest their best selves with bite-sized pieces of wisdom, guidance, and inspiration. Transform your life with inspirational content from wellness professionals and success coaches.
  • Engage in a Safe space
    • Join a community of like-minded individuals and engage in meaningful conversations around your topic of interest. Inspire each other with your life’s testaments and experiences.
  • Progress Tracking 
    • Elevate app provides a great way to promote growth and improvement by allowing you to monitor the progress of your habits and offer suggestions on how to improve upon it.
  • Personalized Profiling
    • Elevate utilizes analytical data to enhance the user experience by personalizing user profiles, filtering, and sorting daily inspirational and self-care content based on user preference, progress, and goals.

Image via Now Influencing PR

Aiming to positively influence users lives, an official press release states, “Elevate is equipping people to overcome adversity and manifest their best selves with bite-sized pieces of wisdom, guidance, and inspiration.” The app was created by three African American men, Aaron Warrick, Greg Wilson, and Danté Wade, who hope to inspire self-care amongst users as they “Elevate” towards their best selves. Available now, both Android and iOS users may download “Elevate” in their App Store today!

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