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A Swiss Boutique Just Made a Huge Mistake Not Recognizing Oprah Winfrey

By Posted on 2 1 m read
It’s safe to say the unemployment rate in Switzerland experienced a slight increase this morning. A Swiss shop is being accused of racism after refusing to show a black woman a fancy handbag because it was deemed “too expensive” for her. That woman? Oprah.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Oprah felt she was discriminated against while shopping in Zürich when the clerk turned her away when she asked to see a Tom Ford purse worth $38,000. Clearly, the clerk didn’t recognize the OWN mogul because $38,000 is a drop in the bucket considering Oprah earned more than $70 million over the last year.

The Swiss tourism board is trying to clean up this PR nightmare, issuing a public apology and stating that the clerk in question “acted terribly wrong.” Reps from store itself say the whole thing is a misunderstanding, that the clerk offered to show Oprah similar yet less expensive handbags because the sales associate was “a little embarrassed” by the outrageous price tag of the purse in question. (Apparently the Swiss shop didn’t learn anything from that Hermes snafu eight years ago.)

Either way, Oprah’s earned the right to one of these moments:


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