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A Bride’s Family Turns Her Cancelled Wedding Into A Feast For The Homeless

By Posted on 5 1 m read

27-year old Quinn Duane had her entire life turned upside down when her would-be husband decided to call of their upcoming wedding just days before the reception. Talk about heartless.

Quinn was naturally devastated as a result, causing her mother, Kari Duane, to take some much needed action. Kari tells BuzzFeed that the deposits for the $35,000 wedding reception had already been put down and more bills were on the way.

So, being the inspiring family they are, Kari took charge and went knee deep into “give-back” mode.

The Duane’s sent the non-refundable wedding flowers to a local nursing home, and they also reached out to homeless shelters in the Sacramento area to invite people to a gourmet dinner. This past Saturday (October 17), when the wedding was supposed to take place, about 90 homeless men, women and children arrived at Sacramento’s Citizen Hotel to enjoy a feast, hosted by the Duane family.

Unfortunately, Quinn was too distressed to show up, but she told BuzzFeed, “I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to give to them.”

Way to go Quinn — you turned an awful situation into an inspiring act of kindness. Kudos to the Duane family.

quinn duane family reception

quinn duane family


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