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Janelle Monáe Joins Disney’s Reboot of ‘Lady And The Tramp’

Following the announcement that she would be joining the cast of the upcoming Harriet Tubman biopic, Janelle Monáe will also be …

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Halle Berry & Lena Waithe To Co-Executive Produce BET’s ‘Boomerang’ Reboot

If you weren’t too thrilled to hear that BET would be rebooting the classic romantic comedy film ‘Boomerang’, that is sure to …

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Lupita Nyong’o To Star In ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Reboot

If you’re a fan of the Charlie’s Angels film franchise, then you may want to brace yourself for some very exciting news. A …

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Regina Hall will play Jessie T. Usher’s mother and Samuel L. Jackson’s ex-love interest in ‘Shaft’ reboot

Fresh of her celebrating her 43rd birthday, Regina Hall has been added to the cast of the upcoming Shaft remake.

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‘Girls Trip’ Writer Tracy Oliver Is Tapped To Write ‘First Wives Club’ Reboot

Girls Trip writer Tracy Oliver has been tapped to write a reboot of First Wives Club’ with what she …

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‘Girls Trip’ Screenwriter Tracy Oliver To Produce ‘Clueless’ Remake

If you’re usually not too keen on the idea of reboots of classic ’90’s films, you may want to reconsider. Girls Trip …

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Shonda Rhimes Says ABC Made A ‘Human Choice’ By Canceling ‘Roseanne’ Following Racist Tweet

Shonda Rhimes certainly did not hold back when it came to voicing her opinion on ABC’s decision to pull the plug on Roseanne

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Mattel Creates New ‘Tomb Raider’ Barbie Doll

Mattel’s Barbie doll line has been stepping up its game when it comes to diversity in race, body shapes, and styles. Barbie is no longer …

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Lupita Nyong’o Set To Star In Zombie Comedy ‘Little Monsters’

Lupita Nyong’o’s next move post-Black Panther is already in the works. The actress may be apart of the Charlie’s Angels reboot, and she’s set to …

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The Powerpuff Girls Are Getting A 4th Member & She’s Full of Black Girl Magic

The Powerpuff Girls girl power trio transforms into a quartet this fall with the addition of a fourth member. Dedicated to fighting crime and the …

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Who WOULDN’T Be Excited About ‘Charmed’ Returning To TV?!

If you’re from a certain generation then I’m sure you’re familiar with the names Piper, Prue, Phoebe and Paige. That being said, you’re more than …

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How to Heal Your Holidays: The Cheap Remedy

With so many events constantly rotating in national and international news, (I’ll spare you the reminder,) more than enough people …