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9-Year-Old Boy Aims To Be Next Big Name In Coffee

When most kids are asked what they want to be as adults, the answers range from movie star to athlete to doctor to teacher and several professions in between. Not many children  have dreams of taking down corporate coffee shops however this is exactly what 9-year-old Camden Myers plans on achieving.

“One day I will take over Starbucks,” Camden proudly exclaims and with dreams and goals to impact the community, Cam’s Coffee Creation’s is off to a good start.

Camden resides in Winston Salem, NC runs Cam’s Coffee Creations, a pop up shop specializing in various hot and cold drinks. Cam and his mother LaTasha Lewis set up the mobile business at various places throughout Winston Salem. Camden who has special needs, stemming from traumatic birth injuries has raised his own confidence levels with Cam’s Coffee Creations and hopes to inspire others.

With hopes of purchasing a mobile coffee shop, Camden and family seek to raise $20,000 so that the dream can continue on and others like Camden can have opportunities that otherwise may not exist. Cam’s Coffee Creations has made goals to employ others who have special needs. Camden’s would like to see people like himself operate the coffee truck.

”I think he realizes that you don’t see many people like him running a business or working at a business” Camden’s mother LaTasha Lewis says in an interview with their local news media.

As Camden continues to operate Cam’s Coffee Creations, more opportunities come his way. Lewis informed media outlets that Cam’s Coffee Creations has been selected as the official beverage sponsor of the Triad Minority Business Expo. More information can be found on the official website


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