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87-Year-Old Woman Graduates From The University Of Nebraska-Lincoln

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For 87-year-old Eleanor “Jean” Kops college had always been in hind sight. Back in 1945 Kop attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Back then it was very hard for women to attend school because the courses that were offered weren’t jobs women could work in. “Back then, it just wasn’t as interesting as it is now for women,” Kops told “There wasn’t a lot of courses for women to choose from.” After meeting her husband, Lyle Kops, they both shared one thing in common. They both had dropped out of college and decided to get married in 1948.

September 2011 Kops’ husband passes away from Parkinson’s disease. Kops was very devastated. One of her five daughters made a suggestion that she should go back to college following her husband’s death. Kops was very nervous about going back, so she started off only taking two classes,”Women of the Great Plains” and “Issues in Aging” — at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Kops found she was really enjoying college a lot and also received great grades. So, in September 2012 she made the decision to attend school on campus rather then behind the computer.

“At first, I was really nervous about going in, but everyone was very accepting and we all ended up learning a great deal from each other,” Kops said.

Today, Kops is a graduate of University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Although she won’t be headed out into the work force, she plans on visiting her five daughters and spending time with her grandkids.
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