87-Year-Old Grandmother Volunteers Her Time as an Ambulance-Driving EMT

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Edna Mitchell proves that her age has absolutely nothing to do with her ability. For the last 37 years Mitchell has been volunteering as an ambulance-driving Emergency Medical Technician and according to her colleagues, she’s still really good at what she does.

She is a member of the team for the Liberty Fire Department in Liberty, Main and is said to be Main’s oldest EMT at 87-years-young.

When others ask how she does it? The answer is fairly simple. To keep herself in shape Mitchell does 20 minutes of exercises every morning when she gets out of bed, reported WCSH.

At the end of this year her license will expire at which time she plans to turn in all her badges. “My license runs out after next year, and I figure it’s time to stop. I don’t want to, though,” she shared with the Bangor Daily NewsWe can imagine it’s not easy giving up on something you’ve been doing for so long with such passion. 

Check out the video above for more of Mitchell’s story.

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