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7 Simple Ways To Create The Ultimate At-Home Spa Day

By Posted on 3 3 m read

I don’t know about you, but by the end of my work week, I am totally drained both mentally and physically. Friday nights don’t feel the same when you’re approaching 30 as they once did in your late teens. Sure, there’s still room to go out and celebrate getting through yet another bustling workweek, but I think we can all attest to there being a different level of peace in a weekend full of pampering.

Going to your local spa can be a bit pricey, so I’ve put together a list of ways to create the ultimate spa day experience directly from the comfort of your own home. This Saturday will be my first day off in quite a while, so I myself am looking forward to using the below techniques to ensure the start of a productive and energetic new workweek come Monday.

Take a warm bath.

There’s nothing that sets the mood for a spa day like soaking in a warm bubble bath. Fill your tub with warm water and add plenty of bubbles. Some people would even prefer to add aromatic flowers, herbs, and essential oils, which create added minerals for skin absorption.

Eliminate distractions.

The purpose of a spa day is to relax and release tension. Eliminate any noises or distractions that may interfere with your ability to decompress. A day of pampering is about not only the things you do but the mood you set.

Make a refreshing drink.

Before you settle into the warm bath, don’t forget your drink. Grabbing a glass of wine, making detox water, or hot tea can all be considered spa beverages. Personally, I consider lemon water the most refreshing of them all. Not only does it promote clear skin, but other health benefits include boosting your immune system, help with digestion, and a great source of vitamin C.

Play soft music.

What’s a relaxing evening without soft music?

Apply a honey mask.

I’ve been using the honey mask method for many years and I haven’t found anything else that I’d rather use. My mother first explained to me the benefits of using a honey mask after hearing about it on Dr. Oz. After being a bit reluctant, I tried it anyway, and the results are almost unbelievable.

You can simply pick up pure honey from any local grocery store. You will wash your face like normal and leave damp so that the honey glides on smoothly. Then, massage the honey into your skin, covering your entire face. Leave on for about 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water. I promise within the next 2 days, you’re going to see your skin glow like never before.

Give yourself a pedicure.

We all know that going to the nail shop can be expensive, so giving yourself an at-home pedicure can be just as efficient as going to the salon. There are a variety of foot spas you can purchase with bubbles, heat, and vibration. It’s super soothing and affordable. Christmas is also around the corner, so now would be a great time to add that to your Christmas list. I know because I received one last year!

Exfoliate your skin.

From using a gentle cleansing brush on your face to using an exfoliating body scrub on your body, removing dead skin cells will restore the overall natural health and softness of your skin. If you don’t own a facial cleansing brush, using brown or regular sugar will also work. Trust me, I’ve done it!


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