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6 Reasons Why You Should Get Fit & Live A Healthy Lifestyle That Doesn’t Include Body Image

By Posted on 1 3 m read

If you’re into pop-culture or keep up with new music or new music videos, then you have witnessed Teyana Taylor’s jaw-dropping body in Kanye West’s new music video “Fade”, which premiered during the VMA’s this past weekend. Moments after women on social media went into a frenzy about how they need to get in the gym and start getting fit.

Teyana Taylor screams fitness and body goals for a lot of women. She is a mother to a newborn child, with a body of a goddess. We are so happy that Teyana Taylor’s bod has inspired women everywhere to start living a healthier lifestyle, but body image should not be your only reason to want to be healthy and get fit. No matter your shape or size you should strive to be the best you possible, mentally and physically. People associate the gym and eating right with losing weight but there are so many other benefits to living a healthy lifestyle that we should all consider.

Here is a list of 6 reasons why you should live a healthier lifestyle that has nothing to do with body image, and we hope this inspires you just as much as the alluring Teyana Taylor!

  1. Mental Health – Exercise naturally releases endorphins which are peptides that activate the body’s opiate receptors, causing an analgesic effect. More simply put, endorphins are “happy chemicals” that just make you feel really good. These happy chemicals release feelings of euphoria. Studies have shown that exercise can reduce symptoms that come with depression or anxiety. For some people, exercise has been just as effective as antidepressants in treatment for depression. If you are suffering from any mental illnesses or recovering from addictions, exercise should be your best friend. Even if you are not some crazy fitness guru, you can become happier with just a 30 mins work out 2-3 Times per week.
  2. Memory – Have your thoughts ever been significantly clear after a workout or yoga session? It is because your brain is getting more energy and oxygen. Many studies have shown that exercise can boost your memory and clear your train of thought.
  3. Sex Life – If none of the other reasons have caught your attention, we know this one will! Exercise has been proven to increase arousal and decrease men’s risk for erectile dysfunction in men. This is because exercise improves blood circulation, which is a major factor when it comes to sex. Being healthy will also improve your sex life because you will feel more comfortable about your body and yourself, which allow you to open up more to your partner.
  4. Creativity – If you’re having a creative block before you pick up drugs or alcohol, try a jog in the park or a two-hour heart-pumping gym session. Studies have shown that aerobic exercise increases your cognitive creativity. Nature and enjoying the outdoors will also keep your creative juices flowing, remember to be in the moment and observe your surroundings.  While you are working out don’t hesitate to jot down anything special that you feel or see in your phone, it can help spark new ideas.
  5. Relaxation – If you have trouble sleeping, a moderate workout can have the same effect as a sleeping pill. If you move around for 5-6 hours before bed you will increase your body’s core temperature. When your body temp. drops back to normal it will signal your body that it is time to sleep. This is perfect for people with insomnia.
  6. Productivity – Studies have shown that workers who take the time to exercise are more productive and have more energy than their peers who don’t. Your favorite celebrities are not always in the gym because of their body, their strict exercise regimen helps them to be more productive and execute everything on their busy schedule. If you are an entrepreneur or creative, working out should be a no-brainer because you must be as productive as possible.



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