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Five Ways To Spring Clean Your Life For A Winning Season

By Posted on 0 3 m read


Spring is a season of growth and the perfect opportunity to introduce new habits to positively influence the world around you. As the trees begin to bud and the days get longer the refreshing spirit of a new season is welcomed.  A popular cultural tradition, spring cleaning, typically applies to physically disinfecting, scrubbing and shining the household, as winter ends. Adapt this same mindset to bad habits and look forward to securing new bags during the warmer months.

Kiss Laziness Goodbye

I can be the first to admit that during the winter months,  laziness can weigh the hardest working person down.  Gloomy grey weather, below zero temperatures, an occasional snow and hearty holidays is sure to drain anyone’s battery. This spring, kick laziness goodbye.  No more sitting in wait of opportunities. Surround yourself with motivating people, and begin to enter prosperous environments.

Compare Yourself To You

All to often, people get caught with social media, reality television and the other temptations of pop culture that give a glimpse of the glitz and glamour. Even with our peers, it is easy to scroll through Instagram and compare someones life to your own. This spring, compare yourself to only you. Acknowledging growth is a great way to remind yourself how far you have come, the potential of your future and guides you down your own path to greatness.

Clean Out Your Closet

Cleaning out a fully stacked closet can be relieving and exciting. Many garments may carry memories but if you do not or cannot wear it, let it go. Make space for new items and modern pieces to slay all spring long. There are benefits to a good closet clean out. Gently used and even brand new but never worn pieces can be sold to second-hand boutiques or online with apps such as Poshmark or websites like Ebay to earn profit to fund the wardrobe you deserve. Pieces can also be donated to your local thrift shops and shelters, allowing your old clothes to go towards greater causes.

Leave Some People Behind

No person is your friend who demands your silence, or denies your right to grow.” – Alice Walker

Friendships and romantic relationships can be the toughest dead-weight to drop. Emotional connections, unforgettable moments and the need for companionship can all factor into holding on to toxic relationships.  If there are people you consider friends who hinder your personal or professional progress, step back and spend less time with that person. The same can be applied introspectively. If you notice that you may not be good for someone, allow them to space to grow. Leave all stagnant relationships in the winter.

Update Your Look

Getting a new haircut or color is the perfect way to spring clean your appearance. A fresh hairstyle automatically provokes brand new vibes. Dead those split ends, faded color and signature style that you have been wearing since 2008.  Coco Chanel famously states “a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life” and that statement holds true. Cutting your hair can be symbolic for getting rid of baggage and starting over. Even if you do not cut your hair, introducing new color or length with extensions can have the same refreshing effect.




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