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5 Tips To Growing Your Personal Brand And Staying On Top

By Posted on 0 4 m read

Whether your goals include being the next Issa Rae on and off screen or excelling in music and songwriting like SZA or becoming a media maven like Karen Civil, there are tips you can follow to place yourself closer to the top. Branding is no longer only for businesses and products. Having a personal brand is important to perfect beyond skills and experience. A clear personal brand will help you stick out from the rest. Cultivate your personal brand with a keen online presence,  sharp offline presentation and professional onhand knowledge with the following tips.

Smart Networking

Networking is key to succeeding in any field. The age old adage, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” holds more weight now than ever. Network to your advantage and make meaningful connections across not only your desired industry but engage professional circles that overlap. Attend events both professional, casual and industry affiliated with business cards in hand, ready to not only work the room but make a lasting impression.

Attend as many events as possible, meeting new people as well as bumping into previous connections.  When networking, do not meet people just to say you met them. Create a lasting impression and a working relationship by following up whether it be via social media or email, keeping in contact and focusing on not what they can do for you but how your skills can benefit them.

Stay In The Know

It is important to know what is going on in your desired field as well as important news from around the world. Do not be embarassed in conversation by not being able to keep up with general facts and practices. Research basic information that is standard your specific industry. For example, if your personal brand is in fashion, learn the basics such as designer pronunciations and groundbreaking moments in history to avoid any mishaps.

Staying up to date on current facts is just as vital as knowing the basics. Use technology to your advantage.  Tailor your push alerts to provide information specific to your career path. This way you will be alerted on every news story relevant to your field. Staying up to date prevents your content from being dated as well as gives you a sharp edge in conversation on and offline.

Use Social Media

Use social media to create a digital presence and engage, create and inform. Your pages should be public and easily accessible to those looking to find it.  It is time to let go of the @sexygemini121 handle and devlop a clear and professional social media resume. This does not eliminate the fun from social media.  Engage in fun, friendly behavior on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social platforms that will allow you to gain impressions and build a following.  Use social media to hop on trends relevant to your industry as well as global trending topics that may be important to all.

An easy way to create a social strategy is to look at the platforms ran by your industry icons and take notes on how they post and what they post. Infuse your own indivual goals and indentify what is impactul to your brand and craft your ideal social media feed.  Be consistent across all of your social media platforms, developing a personality fit for your brand and online presence.  Use social media to engage with people who follow you but also those you follow. Did you enjoy an article written by one of your favorite journalists or enjoy the last podcast episode from your broadcasting favorites? Tweet them and let them know.

 Create Content

Keeping an online presence goes beyond social media followers.  Use an online platform to go beyond the character restraints of social media.  It is hard to convince people of something with no reciepts. While networking in person or engaging online, it is important to have somewhere you can link new connections to your work. Create a blog, website, YouTube channel, Soundcloud page or other personal online platform to direct followers to a place where they can see your work and hear your voice.

Use your platform to display your talents and skills live. With this platform, create a consistent schedule where content is being uploaded to give followers something to look forward to as well as keeping  fresh content available on your website.

Look The Part

Always remember that no matter how large your social media following spreads, the knowledge you have on industry specifics or being connected to industry leaders, appearance is important to success.  When hosting or attending events representing your brand, be mindful of personal appearance.  Style, personal hygiene and etiquette will create and maintain a reputation affilitated with your brand. Develop an idea of what someone in your shoes should look like. Ask yourself, “How do I want the world to see me?”




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