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5 Things You Should Consider Doing Before The Year Is Over

By Posted on 3 2 m read

Can you believe that 2018 is almost over?

92 days left and counting.

Do you know what that means? There are still enough days, hours, and seconds left to complete those last minute to do’s. So, consider these 5 tasks when preparing yourself for what we hope, will be a fulfilling year for you.

  1. Reconnect With Yourself

Read a good book or Netflix and chill for a day. You need two extra days? So be it. Plan a trip to Dubai or Cancun. Just make sure you’re taking care of you.

By putting your needs upfront, you’re already starting off the new year on a positive note.

  1. Got Health?

Get your health in order! It can be easy to forget about yourself when you’re always taking care of others. So start here — Begin by creating time for those things you wanted to do. Interested in visiting the doctor? Want to take care of that overdue check up? Just get it done. Get your life together.

  1. Set Your 2019 Goals and Plan For the Future

This is pretty self explanatory. You’re thinking about those goals right now, aren’t you?

When it comes to setting and planning, identify something that you want to accomplish and give yourself a reasonable timeframe. If your goal requires money, set a certain amount of money aside so you’re not scramming, trying to make ends meet. It’ll be worth it. Just stick to it and stay consistent.

Having a hard time sticking to it? Readjust and get back into it. Find that motivation!

“Create a plan, and hold yourself accountable..”

  1. Forgive If Not Forget

Whatever is making you emotional. Let it go. It’s not worth your mental health or insanity. If it’s been on your mind lately, be the first to reach out. I know it’s easier said than done, but just be the bigger person and face that fear. Life is way too short for all this nonsense.

If that person at the end of the day doesn’t accept your offer. Move on. At least you tried.

Also, don’t be so quick to wish bad on them. That’s negative energy you’re bringing in and we definitely don’t need that for the new year.

  1. Get Your Team Together

If the ones close to you are not supporting you, they are not your friends. Simple as that. You know the people that matter to you the most. Therefore everyone else is extra baggage.

You don’t need anyone bringing you down.

It’s really not you acting Hollywood, it’s you getting your life.


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