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5 Signs You Are Settling In Your Career/Work

By Posted on 0 4 m read

You did everything your parents, teachers, and “society” told you to do. You graduated high school, went to college and picked a major that guaranteed you job security as soon as you graduated. You worked your ass off through college and obtained your well deserved and respected degree, walked across that stage and thought, “This is it, I made it! Life begins now”. I know this sounds like an Everest commercial but hear us out we’re going somewhere with this.

A couple of years later you find yourself lowkey miserable and dissatisfied and you can’t really pinpoint why. You have a 401K(#GOALS), you own a home, and you’re driving your dream car with your very own parking spot at the job that you’re degree promised you. Everything you ever imagined growing up is in the palm of your hands but something just doesn’t feel right. Have you ever thought you might be in the wrong career or settling in the workplace? If you’re experiencing any one of these signs, make sure you ask yourself “why?” Are you just going through a particularly grueling time at work, or are these symptoms part of a bigger problem?


You feel like you’re a narcoleptic on work days.

When getting out of your bed feels like pulling down an anchor or like the world is ending and you’re about to face the apocalypse. It is normal to feel tired during the work week but if you are constantly nodding off at your desk and downing an unhealthy amount of Folgers coffee you might want to reconsider. Extreme exhaustion are is a sign of depression, if you are only feeling this way when work comes around then 9/10 you’re job is the reason.

You’re bored and disengaged

When you first got the job you were bouncing off of the office walls, on your toes, and 3 steps ahead of the game. Now you could care less, instead of responding to important emails you’re surfing the web, watching youtube videos, and listening to your favorite podcast. You no longer give your input during staff meetings, you’re really just there for the free food and happy that you’re not at your sitting at desk dying slowly while fake working. You have no idea what’s really going on with the company, you’re just doing the bare minimum so you don’t get called into your supervisor’s office. You watch the clock like your favorite movie and run out of the office as soon as it hits 5 o’clock.

You focus on the “extras”

Experts say that if your main focus is always your future bonus, company trips, conference, or milestone anniversaries it means that says a lot about the way you feel about your job on a day-to-day basis. The work perks should not be the only reason you hold your job down. It is important to see your job in the long term, but if you’re focusing on the “extras” because your actual job duties drive you up the wall, there is something wrong. (via

Negativity, negativity, negativity

Do you find yourself addressing every problem with a negative attitude and no solutions? When you are negative about your work your productivity is prone to slip, and this will cause a rift in the workplace. If your unhappiness at work is all you talk about with your friends at happy hour while downing margaritas, reconsider. Work isn’t always going to be a walk in the park sometimes you are going to feel a certain type of way when unfortunate situations arise in the workplace but if you are complaining daily about your job and all of the work that you signed up to do, all of those signs point to a serious career issue.

You feel as though you have no purpose

If you’re ever asked the question, “What is your purpose?” and you don’t have an answer you need to re-evaluate your everyday life and that include your career/job. Do you believe in the work that you do? Do you have solid reasons as to why the industry that you’re in excites you? Does it even excite you at all? Evaluate your answers and if you begin to feel indifferent this is the clearest sign that it is time to do some soul searching and job searching because finding your purpose and walking in it is how you can live the full life that you deserve.

If you felt some or all of these sign, don’t fret it is okay! Making errors in life and in our career ultimately lead us to where we are supposed to be if we accept them and make appropriate changes. Re-evaluate your job/career and before you make the decision to quit make sure you are doing it for all of the right reasons, make sure they are not based on temporary circumstances. You deserve to live happily ever after in all aspects of your life, don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and try different careers. Why does society believe that we are meant to pick one career and work with it for the rest of our lives? Change is inevitable and if you feel like making a shift don’t hesitate or feel obligated to stay in a situation that is no longer satisfying you because of what society, your partner, your friends, your family, and most importantly yourself believes. The world is yours, go grab it. Life is too beautiful to spend most of it feeling miserable and mediocre.  Take that leap and #LiveCivil, it will all work out.


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