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5 Reasons Why We Can’t Wait For The Return of ‘Insecure’

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Issa Rae and the Insecure HBO series took the culture by storm last year, and fans have been on the edge of their seats waiting for season 2.

The series was new, refreshing, and relatable in various ways for millennials and people of color in particular. Fans were left hanging with the ultimate cliffhanger of Issa’s love interest getting it in with another woman and we were all left to decide if we were #TeamIssa or #TeamLawerence, and some of us never came to a conclusion!

Issa Rae took to Twitter to announce when the second season will air  recently *emoji praise hands* and it’s sooner than you think. We weren’t expecting season two until October but to our surprise, it will premiere early on July 23, 2017, at 10:00 CST. Check out the video announcement below:

Hide your kids, hide your wives, and set your DVR because this season is guaranteed to be epic. We are so excited for the new season, and here is why we can not wait until July 23:

1. Are you #TeamIssa or #TeamLawrence?

Season 2 will help you come to a solid conclusion. Although Issa was wrong for cheating on Lawerence, most women say he had it coming and most men say that Issa Rae got what she deserved. Was Lawerence wrong for getting revenge? Will Issa find out that he was banging bank girl? Will they reconcile or grow apart?


2. Will Molly ever realize how amazing she is as an African American woman and stop searching for a man to complete her?

This season we hope to see Molly grow and recognize her worth, we would love for Molly to find a solid love interest whenever the universe and Molly are truly ready for it. We also hope to see Molly take Issa’s advice and start going to therapy. Therapy in the African-American community, there is nothing wrong with therapy and we hope that the show hones in on this issue and shows millennials and people of color how amazing it is!  


3) Will Issa get a promotion?

During season 1, Issa did her thing at her job with “We Got Yall”, she threw an amazing event and raised lots of money for the kids. Issa introduced the kids to the arts and showed them how incredible their own city is. Issa reintroduced them to South Central Los Angeles, showing the kids that there is more to the city than what they have seen, from the beautiful beaches to the astonishing homes and mansions owned by successful people of color. Issa’s efforts went beyond a paycheck and although she had to deal with inequality and stigmas at her job as an African American woman, Issa was resilient and showed her company her worth. We hope to see Issa grow or get a promotion with “We Got Y’all” and can’t wait to see what she has in store for the kids.


4. Amanda Seales, who appeared in four episodes as Tiffany in the first season of Insecure will now be a series regular for Season 2!

We all have that one “bougie” friend like Seales’ character on the show and we can’t wait to see how her character develops. She works in PR and believes she lives this perfect cookie cutter life with her husband, Derek. What is Tiffany hiding? Nobody is perfect so we can not wait to see the skeletons in Tiffany’s closet on season 2!


5. Last but not least — the music!

Insecure is known for Issa’s impeccable and infectious freestyles and bomb soundtrack. We can not wait to see Issa let her inner Biggie Smalls out on season two of Insecure. Broken Pu**y was a hit, will there be another hilarious track like this on season two?! What new artists will we get introduced to?





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