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5 Budget-Friendly Destinations For Millennials To Travel To This Summer

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It’s getting close to the summer and it’s time to travel and get your flyer miles up. Traveling is important because it helps us grow as human beings; the world is much bigger than what and who we surround ourselves with on a daily basis.

Millennials are in the prime of their lives and while we’re deciding what the next 50 years will look like, we might as well go explore and see as much as we can. We spend our money on the newest iPhones, clothes, and bottomless mimosas at brunch — you can’t spend the same for an all-inclusive trip to the Bahamas? If you can afford the material stuff, you can afford to save up for an intangible experience that will last a lifetime.

Over here at Live Civil we want everyone to live their best lives and be their best selves. Everyone deserves to recognize how beautiful life is before it’s over. We want to encourage millennials to get out of their comfort zone and see the world.

That said, we decided to put together a list of budget friendly places for millennials to travel this summer!

South Africa (Cape Town, Cape Point, &  Johannesburg)

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With the rise and relevance of African Americans realizing their worth and standing up for what we deserve, visiting South Africa will take your “wokeness” to the next level. South Africa is a great place to visit for people who are yearning for African culture. We suggest visiting Nelson Mandela’s cell, going on a safari, visiting the beaches, and camel riding.

Crete, Greece


Are you looking to party like a rockstar internationally on a budget? Greece is perfect for that! Greece offers a large variety of clubs and restaurants with affordable prices. Described as idyllic, not only are the beaches overtly peaceful and picturesque, but the lodging areas located near the water are cost friendly. Instead of taking that wild trip to Miami this summer, convince your friends to cop a ticket to Crete, Greece.



After The Obama administration decided to allow U.S. air carriers to offer direct flights to Cuba last December, flights have dropped by almost 50%. Cuba is filled with a rich history, from it’s immense architecture to the bad ass old school vehicles that most of us would love to take a picture with. Cubans are known for being some of the most friendly and hospitable people as well. Now that we are able to safely travel to Cuba, this year would be a perfect time to go. Beat the crowd, get a cigar, and make your way to Cuba!



If you’re looking for a tropical vibe, Belize is where it’s at. Belize has some of the most beautiful rainforests, beaches, Mayan cities, and reefs in Central America. If you’re worried about the language barrier, don’t be — Belize is the only English-speaking country in Central America. The weather in Belize resembles Los Angeles (always perfect), and your melanin is guaranteed to be popping after this trip. Activities like snorkeling, touring the Mayan cities, yachting, and zip-lining are extremely cheap compared to other destinations. Belize the hype, this place is amazing.


Great Pyramid , located at Giza Egypt.

Cues Frank Ocean’s “Pyramids”, Egypt is another inexpensive place to travel to in Africa. Due to political unrest and up and down currencies, living and traveling to Egypt is as cheap as it will ever be. Egyptian food is on the top of the list when it comes to international cuisine, and you’re guaranteed to get treated like a celebrity by all of the locals. Learn the ins and outs of the pyramids, pharaohs, and all of the important Ancient Egyptian history.

Happy traveling!


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