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24-Year-Old Tomi Adeyemi Signs Seven-Figure Book Deal For Nigerian Fantasy Series ‘Children Of Blood And Bone’

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24-year-old author Tomi Adeyemi sat down with Robin Roberts of Good Morning America to discuss her debut novel, The Children of Blood And Bone.

Adeyemi signed a seven-figure deal for her new book, which will be made into a movie. Tomi was accompanied by her mother, father, and brother on Good Morning America, and when her brother was asked what made him continue to believe in her, he said, “I think it was that she never lost that magic that I think that we’re all born with, but as we get older, we tend to lose that imagination – that thing that we can just think like anything is possible; anything can happen. But the world is so real and it gets to us that we start to lose it, but she never lost it.”

Tomi started working on the book series while teaching in Brazil and says her Nigerian heritage and love for Nigerian mythology played a huge role in shaping the novel.

The story’s protagonist Zélie, a fisherman’s daughter, is sent on a quest to restore magic to her culture. She is confronted by divine forces and teams up with unlikely allies. The story is reminiscent of other entries into the fantasy genre like “Harry Potter” and “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, but this book is based off the real world too, according to Blavity.

Describing her book as “Black Panther but with magic,” the creative writing coach says that for all of the reasons people like Black Panther, they will love her book.

“That’s why the success of [the recent Marvel movie] Black Panther has been so significant – black and marginalized audiences have the chance to see themselves as heroes depicted in a beautiful and empowering way, and white audiences get to see new stories told, and it becomes easier for them to picture a black superhero,” she told The Guardian. “Imagination is a funny thing – we sometimes need to see something before we can truly picture it.”

“The Children of Blood And Bone” is available now!


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