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This 22-Year-Old MIT Student Is Making History As A NASA Engineer

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Meet Tiera Guinn, a 22-year-old, MIT student who’s already working for NASA.

Yea, that’s right. Guinn is a Rocket Structural Design and Analysis Engineer for the Space Launch System that Boeing is building for NASA. Her role is to design and analyze parts of a rocket that she said will be one of the biggest and most powerful in history, according to WBRC. We did a little digging on NASA’s website and found out that the goal of the rocket she’s working on is to blast humans to Mars.

Her trajectory couldn’t be more impressive and reads like something like out of a modern-day version of Hidden Figures. Turns out, she’s been working on her aerospace engineer dream for awhile and has always been fascinated by science and math since she was a young child.

Guinn told The Huffington Post that her mom noticed her skills early on and made sure she used them.

“When [my mom and I] would go to the grocery store, she would get me to clip coupons [and] put it in my coupon organizer,” Guinn explains. “By the time we got to the register, I’d have to calculate the exact total, including tax. And I did that since I was six years old.”

Way to go Tiera Guinn!


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