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18-Year-Old Khareem Oliver Creates Pet-Finding App

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Pets are like family to pet owners, and losing your furry friend can be a difficult time. Too many times we see that pets never get rescued or returned to their owners. 18-year-old, Khareem Oliver spends a majority of his time helping to rescue animals as a volunteer. He knows a lot about how to get lost pets reunited with their owners.

Over the past ten years, Oliver noticed that many pets do not have the necessary identification to ensure that if they were lost their owners would be able to be easily contacted.

“Today, animals are so important to people because people see them as more than animals. They see them as a companion or as an added family member” – Khareem Oliver via The Root

In 2015, Oliver created Find and Found, an app that can help you locate lost pets and contact their owners for a safe and smooth return.

How does it work?

The app works via an ID tag worn by the pet, which includes a QR code. When the pet is found they can scan the QR code using the app and it will identify the pet and all of the owners’ contact information. The app also uses the GPS to assist in locating the pet in real time.

Your pet can not share their location with you, basically! How cool is that?

Oliver started working on the app while taking an entrepreneurship class. He then took his idea to Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship competition and he won $8,000 in seed money to assist in launching the app!

The Find and Found app partnered up with Blubeta, a software development program. Khareem has intentions of officially launching the app in early June.

Good Job Khareem, keep up the black boy excellence!


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