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14-Year Old Ahmed Mohamed Finally Meets Barack Obama

By Posted on 1 1 m read

Just last month, inspiring 14-year old Ahmed Mohamed went viral for a homemade clock that this astounding kid built all on his own. While you would think his story went viral for the simple fact that a 14-year old built a fully functioning clock all on his own, it was the fact that his teachers arrested him for thinking it was a bomb, that captured the headlines. Absurd, right?

The media attention sprung as far as to the most important man in the United States, President Barack Obama, who applauded Ahmed for his creativity. “Cool clock, Ahmed. Want to bring it to the White House? We should inspire more kids like you to like science. It’s what makes America great,” the POTUS tweeted last month.

Well, just a month later, Ahmed has finally gotten the chance to meet Obama and he did so upon a personal request from the President himself. This visit happened to be at the same time the White House was hosting their “Astronomy Night” event, which is an intriguing opportunity for people to gaze at the stars on the White House’s South Lawn. Ahmed must’ve been on cloud 9, literally.

What started as an act of insanity from Ahmed’s high school, has turned into a life-changing opportunity for Ahmed. I guess blessing do come in disguise.


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