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11 Year Old Jump Starts Classic Knot A New Accessory Line

By Posted on 0 2 m read

Shelden Gibbs is a 11-year-old entrepreneur who is doing more than just playing outside with his friends and going to school, he has jump-started a fashion accessory line called “Classic Knot”.

At the tender age of 11-years-old Shelden designs, all day prepares raw materials and sews the final product of his ties with the help of his mother.

His mother has also taught him important lessons about life, she explains to News 4 Buffalo:

“I teach him the first couple of years, you won’t see this significant profit. But as long as your product is becoming better and your customers are happy, eventually your hard work will pay off.” – Rhonda Woods (Shelden’s Mom)

Shelden’s love for creating bowties was inspired when he realized that cool designs for them were very scarce. Shelden not only wears his own products but he designs them as well, he knows that this is his “passion”.

Shelden and his mother are now looking to hire their first employees to help keep up with the now successful and lucrative business. For now, they are receiving a ton of help from their family and friends. Even his classmates are down for the cause and ready to help their peer succeed.

“They want to help me. They want me to be their boss, and they just love what I am doing.”- Shelden Gibs


You can order a necktie, bowtie, and matching handkerchiefs from here:

“I teach him the sky is the limit from here. Dream big, think big, don’t think small or you’ll always have small.” – Rhonda Woods



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