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10-Year-Old Girl Bullied About Her Dark Skin Launches a T-Shirt Line

Colorism has been a part of the African-American culture since the beginning of time. Dark skin is often frowned upon while lighter skin is glamorized. Thankfully we are entering a new day and age where beautiful dark and brown skin is being appreciated more.

10-year-old Kheris Rodgers experienced colorism when she was bullied at school for her dark skin tone. Many times Rodgers was teased by her classmates and teachers.

She told BuzzFeed News that during a class exercise years ago in grade school her teacher asked students to draw themselves, then handed her a black crayon.

Rodgers response was, “I’m not that dark….I’m brown”. Rodgers mom thankfully took her out of that school but the bullying persisted no matter what school she attended.

In efforts to lift up her little sister’s spirits, Rodgers older sister Taylor took matters into her own hands in late march by styling and dressing Rodgers for a Wiz-inspired fashion show. She shared photos on Twitter, writing: “My sister is only 10, but already royalty,” with hashtag #FlexinInHerComplexion.

The tweet went viral with over 30,000 RT’s!

Taylor showed her little sister all of the comments with strangers calling her “beautiful” and saying that her skin was “gorgeous”, Rodgers couldn’t believe it!

Now Rodgers is coming for anyone who ever bullied her with success!

The 10-year-old girl who got bullied for her dark skin has now created a fashion line that instills confidence in other young girls facing the same issue of colorism. “I am now a 10-year-old business owner please support!” – Kheris Rodgers.

Are you flexing in your complexion? Head over to her website and purchase a shirt!

Your brown is beautiful Kheris Rodgers, keep shining!

172 Comments 10-Year-Old Girl Bullied About Her Dark Skin Launches a T-Shirt Line

    1. Kea

      Is trolling an art form? All I see in the photo is a cute little girl who will grow up to be a intelligent and beautiful woman. That’s “Making America Great Again. “

      1. Marisol

        Then you must be blind as a bat. A 10 year old should not have on fake eyelashes. This is a child, not an adult. And yes, she is beautiful

        1. Lisanne

          Not blind. Just not a judgemental ass like yourself. False eyelashes for a photo shoot? Absolutely. Queen Victoria is dead, and her prudishness needs to go join her.

          1. Tina dillard

            Precisely! I was about to say the same thing! my 10-year-old daughter has to go full-blown makeup including false eyelashes because she is part of a Performing Arts company! Not like they are wearing this daily…. sheeesh. Tasteful and beautiful!

        1. Veno

          Are black peoples still called coloureds in America? I thought that name is just in South Africa and Namibia Because apartheid just ended and is taking a while for people to adjust to being black (especially those named coloureds)

          1. Fi K

            Coloureds in South Africa is different from Blacks. They have their own culture and way of life that is completely different from the blacks. To them, it is not offensive to be referred as colour because that’s who they are, in the same way that I wouldn’t be offended if someone referred to me as white because that’s what I am

          2. Mich

            It’s not going anywhere in SA and Namibia (& Zimbabwe) because it’s actually recognized as a culture. The present day context of that word in those countries isn’t the same as it’d be used in the US.

          3. Sonny Simmons

            Isn’t colored in South Africa Indians from India? East Asians? Aren’t coloreds in South Africa just not African, but not white? Wasn’t Gandhi a colored? It’s not the same comparison. Nelson Mandela was a Khoisan, a lighter African Ethnic group. He surely would not be considered colored.

            Also, a curiosity question: The Ancient Namibians were from North Africa, They served as Hannibal’s cavalry during His war with Rome. How’d they get way down there?
            Are they the original Namibians? or am I confusing them with Numidians ?

          4. Makewana

            Coloured in southern Africa is mixed race. In some African countries such as South Africa and Namibia, there are Cape Coloured people who are a sub-ethnic group. They have their own culture etc., as other people have stated. Cape Coloured have their own accent, many of them speak Afrikaans and other native African languages. It is not offensive to be called coloured in Africa if you are actually coloured. In Apartheid South Africa, anyone non-black or non-white was classified as coloured, but that classification is no longer relevant (hasn’t been for a long time). Indians are Indians, Blacks are Blacks, Whites are Whites, Coloureds are Coloured.

    2. Sharufa Siti Sekai

      If that is all you see, your visual is still skin deep. Look deeper, into her eyes, through her eyes, and deep down into her soul! You will find her there and her eyeliner and eyelashes will become a blur!

      1. Phyllis Burrell

        How did you become part of her success, unless you are Taking credit for someone else’s success is, so much like the oppressor of this world. No contribution and all the credit. #Stay in your lane.

    3. vhughes

      They may not be fake eyelashes at all. My sisters eyelashes were so long she use to pull the out. When she discovered people use mascara to make long lashes she stopped pulling them out.

      1. Veno

        I have a little cousin with looong eyelashes, her skin is as dark as the girl in the picture. I will post her eyes one day for you to see that black people of dark skin can also have long eyelashes..

    4. Rico

      I love her skin tone it is beautiful, they tease her because they could never look as good as her. The original woman!

      1. Sunshine

        Amen! She is Beautiful and people only hate when they see what they would love to be! She will not wrinkle as quickly and she will maintain her youthful appearance without the help of botox or cosmetics if she takes care of her body. Trust me, i know, i am dark skinned, 43, and people swear im 28 or 30. I never hated my complexion because I was always told that it is flawlessly Beautiful! I say no matter what complexion you are, do not let society or anyone define your Beauty! I know I dont and I know I am amazing just the way I am!!! Loving me

        1. Barbara

          I agree, and I think she’s an example of ultimate beauty. I wish I had her perfect complexion and at 54, I would love to say I looked 40 but being a pale skin, I can’t.

    5. sue Brown

      why are u bulkying a 10 year old??? did u read the story…its for a photo shoot and stop bullying!!!!!

      1. J

        It’s for a fashion show. It’s not an every day look. Read before you comment. Also, she isn’t wearing a lot of makeup. Her eyebrows are done and she is wearing eyeliner. Also, that could be her eyelashes enhanced with mascara. I have natural long eye lashes and all I use is mascara.

    6. Albanyduck

      Agreed. P.H. There is a reason schools use to send girls home that wore makeup before HS. The goal was to keep focus on what you learned NOT what each other looked like. With the changes fueled by social media kids looked at beauty and sexual attraction at younger and younger ages and we are still paying the price for decades of that in my city. I see 3-5 grade school kids sent to school with hair highlights and jewelry. The home shapes young minds as much as school. You tell the girl focus on grades, learn STEM subjects where they are under represented and THEN let them figure out how they want to look. Many teens lose their collective minds and focus when they discover sex in their early teens. Stretch out those days of innocence.

    7. Veno

      Why are you assuming that her lashes are fake? Look at her hairline, maybe the lashes are her own with a bit of mascara to enhance what she has already….

    8. Lisa

      The article states she was styled for a fashion show. Judging is easy these days while reading, comprehension and flat out human kindness seems so very hard.

    9. Mary

      Because it is from a fashion photoshoot. Actually it is really cool
      In fashion thwu sometimes use producys that make you lool diffrent for the sake of ascetic, even your everyday woman can wear it. They even do things with their hair like beads and such! It is so cool. If you want i can send you some resources on how not to be a asshole.

    10. MrsMcGuire2u

      STFU. Does PH stand for pussy ho? Take your pasty flat butt outta here. This convo are for intelligent people.

    11. MR

      Yeah okay. Only if you feel that way about white girls too. I think you’re missing the point of this article since you’re focused on lashes . Read much?

    12. Billie williams

      This Beautiful young sister,is ten,yrs old ….why wouldn’t you look at her and see the NATURAL BEAUTY SHE POSSESS, MAYBE YOUR ACOSTOMED TO DRUG STORE BEAUTY, AND DONT SEE THE NATURAL REALITY OF BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL…

    13. Mind your business

      Who said get eyelashes were fake. You are the type of person who’s children do that kind of teasing and bullying…smh…disgraceful

    14. Tracy

      Right. Let’s focus on that rather than her accomplishments If she’s anything like the 10 year old girls I know, they love nothing more than getting fancy for special occasions. Like, I dunno, a photo shoot for this awesome thing she did. But yeah, let’s shit on that by calling out eyeliner.

    15. Starr

      John Benet Ramsey was what…..5 or 6 years old and wearing false eye-lashes, full makeup and hair extensions??? Honey Boo-boo is what….8? Why, then, shouldn’t this little girl be allowed to enhance her looks for the camera also? This little girl does some modeling–hence the unnecessary (in my opinion) false eyelashes and hair extensions.
      As far as her wearing eyeliner, she might not be. Some dark skinned people have naturally darkened eye lines. When I was three, people thought my mother was putting eye liner on me. All of my life, people have commented on my eyeliner, asking what brand I use, when the fact of the matter is, that’s just how my eyes were made. Rather than condemning this little girl for what plenty of other girls who go in front of the camera do, focus on the point of the article–the fact that she is being bullied yet turned it around. How sad it is, that you chose to do the very thing that the article is focusing on.

    16. Lisanne

      Seriously, *that’s* your comment?
      This is a brave and beautiful young lady who has better things to concern herself with than your petty grievances. *SHEESH*

    17. V

      She’s not. It’s so obviously one of those makeup editing apps. Somebody with good intentions, maybe another child. Just be happy for her turning adversity into confidence.

    18. Chelly

      Because, 10 year old girls are creative, precocious, fun, inventive, fascinated by music, science and fashion trends. They like horses, dogs,they like to read, play video games, play with make-up, their unapologetically curious about the world. 10 year old girls are innocent and cool.

      Only a cynical, twisted adult with issues would read this article and attack a 10 year old child.

    19. Rudyg

      I’m reading alot of these comments they are really being blown out of proportion y’all forgot its not about y’all which I see alot of y’all have it’s about a little girl being bullied in school about her beautiful dark skin which me myself think she’s very beautiful an I’m proud of what she did y’all went way left with the whole thing. It’s about her not y’all

    20. DTHB

      Says the troll whose need for attention drives he or she to tear down a little girl who is turning a negative situation into a positive. Pot calling the kettle black much?

    21. Dorothy Odamea Asare

      She is now in to fashion, all I know is she is beautiful and stunning. I pray she makes it big and hire the white people to work for her.

    22. Kym

      Fake eye lashes!Where. She’s a beautiful black little girl did you ever think that those lashes could be her’s. I’ve seen babies with long eye lashes. Geesh

    23. Paulette

      I don’t think she has on fake eyelashes and I don’t see the thick eyeliner you claimed she has on!? I see a very pretty chocolate brown skinned little girl with beautiful bright eyes! Thank goodness she had someone to point out her beauty and she was able to rise above the negative comments to claim her beauty inside & out!

    24. Kike b

      Why do people always pay attention to the negative shit like damn shut the fuck up it aint ur child smh

    25. Chozen onez

      That is so true…sadly she’s too young for all that stuff. What ever happened to kids just being kids? So many children are rushing through life not knowing how to enjoy each moment…

    26. Beautiful Dark skin Goddess

      Thats not the message. I was teased for being Darkskinned and people do make u feel like ur ugly.I proud that she recognized shes Beautiful Inside and out and We are the orignal skinned colored far as the Lashes Stop hating we can also have beautiful long lashes say something to these beauty pagent parents My daughter have long thick beautiful lashes no masscara BOOM!!!!

    27. Muendu Idouin Ndoumbe

      Eyeliners are typically Africains culture. We put them on babies. These pig’s did create anything. Learn your culture

    28. Pearl

      I thought the same thing, but it does say she was in a “Wiz” inspired fashion show. Maybe the lashes and hair are part of that? Maybe?

    29. Dominicca

      Isn’t that the same as white forks in beauty pageants tho? The weave, lashes, make up, fake teeth….

    30. Ereckia

      Some people are not aware of their higher mind. she is a young lady…in my opinion She hasn’t been treated like a child in the very place she should have been…school. she was humiliated and disrespected. Children wear make-up in beauty pageants. Did you know that in Many African cultures ..the children also were make-up and other types of beauty inhancements.. the point is she is making lemonade out of her lemons and that’s the point. Our duty is to support her not insult her she’s 10 remember…

    31. Anissa

      Ignorant fool! Watch her other videos! Those are her real eyelashes! Some people have long eyelashes. It’s so sad that’s all you could get from this story. You are no different from the one that bullied her.

  1. Millie

    Why is the only comment about a girl over coming negative taunting from bullies…a negative comment??? Jackassery.

  2. Charly

    She’s modeling her own line of clothes… I’m sure she’s not the only child model made to look grown. She’s beautiful, graceful and is a queen before her time ❤

  3. Michelle Rippy

    “I am the cloth of a Goddess through our Heavenly Father. But a Queen, unseen, within the eyes of others. Just because you are looking at the cloth and already characterised me. Not to mention that you don’t even KNOW me. But only from a skin tone of my history that I have became a descendant of my ancestry. So that should let you know that my Wealth is within the heart of the Soul and now you can say is Who I am.” By Michelle Rippy, author of Who I am. Thanks in advance for your support..

  4. Leslie

    Gorgeous, courageous, warrior, survivor, Godess queen! Way to be EMPOWERED! May all the happiness and blessings be bestowed upon you! You are a strong young girl! Thank you for empowering me!

  5. B Keith

    Why does coloeism exist? Heard of Willie lynch. We feed Willie when we request others inclydng whited to “validate us” based on shallow things like complexion. Do you really think we need to explain to others why your genes produced more melanin. Are we feeding Willie?

  6. B Keith

    Why does colorism exist? I know you heard of Willie Lynch? We feed Willie when we request others including whites to “validate us” based on shallow things like complexion. Need him to acknowledge or differences?
    Why? Do we need to explain to others why our genes produced more melanin. Do people need to explain why they are short with a big forehead? Are we feeding the Willie?

  7. Sharufa Siti Sekai


  8. Renee

    She’s turning lemons into lemonade! What the naysayers meant for evil, God turned it for her good. I absolutely love it!! #brownskinisroyal

  9. LW

    Thank you for sharing this story of overcoming! So happy to see a positive outcome for her! Too many times those who are bullied end in suicide.

  10. Melissa

    I have seen some comments asking why she is wearing fake lashes.. let me address that first, what would make someone assume that .. and why would that be the focus and not that she has turned a negative into a positive .. we need to stop attacking our case the person who made that comment didn’t know .. that is a form of bullying ..we must do better..KUDOS TO THIS YOUNG GIRL..whose parents must have done a real good job at raising her

  11. Julia

    Right on strong little sister good for you! And to the comment about eyelashes my daughter’s lashes are so long people always thought they were fake or I curled them…..You are very shallow is that all you took away from the article???? Smh

  12. CeCe Boykin


  13. fakhira

    She’s really very beautiful little princess…..complexion doesn’t matter…if your inside is purely filled with kindness…you r very rich … cheer up girl….

  14. J.R.D

    She is absolutely beautiful. I would have done without the lashes but the message is what’s important. The fact that she is overcoming and empowering other young girls to embrace themselves, is phenomenal

  15. Rob

    Beautiful but I am ashamed that the parent thought it was a good idea to put eye lashes and arched eye brows on a 10 year old?

    1. Michelle

      My daughter is 5 and has had arched eyebrows since infancy. Shame on you for judging by appearance. Girls, esp Black girls are up against enough negative societal criticism.

    2. jolly

      Ashamed?! You and the rest of the parents of the kids who bullied her and of course the teacher, should be ashamed they cant think beyond the jurassic era.

      Ridiculous, an important issue and all most of the jokers can comment on is some eyelash and makeup. That is the issue, most just dont see beyond makeup.

  16. Rob

    AND YOU CANT HEAR THE MESSAGE. If I told you that my daughter needed money for surgery and I had her on the corner dressed like a hooker….The message would clearly be there but not about surgery. We have to think about the message we send. 60-90 or communication is visual people. Her parents get no break from me. Poor decision story or not.

  17. Sharong

    This baby is beautiful! Black people have been taught to hate their dark skin and kinky hair. Not just by others either. My mom was dark skinned with thick hair and it was a older white person who reminded her of her rare beauty. My sister look just like her but her hair is curly and down to her butt. Another misconception, that black people can’t have long and/or soft hair without chemicals or being of a mixed race. Embrace your skin! Embrace your curls! Red heads get bullied too but I think that is also a rare beauty. We must remember that God designed all types of beauty.You’re beautiful lil sister! Hold that head up and strut!

  18. Sharong

    So you wonder where kids get bullying from? Look at these post and you’ll know. Grown ups. SMH. It’s a photo shoot yall! A photo shoot. Sad because most of the people who’s talking about some darn eyelashes and eyeliner probably do all types of stuff to their bodies to try and look better and have never been in a photo shoot. And for anyone to see the use of eyeliner on this 10 year old or any 10 year old and see it as secual should look at the man in the mirror. Makeup doesn’t make a girl a street walker. Pitiful…probably got ex rated material under his bed as we speak. SMH

  19. Janet Hill

    Beautiful girl, beautiful story on overcoming bullying. But the comments that follow make me cry. Some people must be just filled with hate. Racism at its worst is exemplified here spewed from adults who should know better.

  20. Tria robinson

    I applaud this beautiful young lady for leading the way and feeling strong and confident. The negative comments here are not only ignorant but also a sign of jealousy. When has white america not been jealous of our wit, smarts beautiful and creative minds. I ignore their ignorance because it comes from a substandard mind.

  21. Gorgsh

    This little girl is so beautiful with her exotic dark brown skin. Her facial features are just breath-taking, and her skin is so beautiful and even. Just the way GOD created her. BEAUTIFUL!

  22. Khadijah

    Dark Skin color has not been a problem since the beginning of time. Because in the beginning Everyone was Black. Because we are the original people and every other race are genetic mutations of Black people. We should be teaching our children the truth about who they are so they can intellectually crush their Bullies.

  23. Eva J

    From what I see she doesn’t have on anything but maybe eyeliner. He skin just happens to be flawless and her lashes long and thick. My daughter has long thick eyelashes and silky smooth skin also. I have long thick eyelashes myself. One of the beauties of having skin that dark is it’s flawlessness and evenness. The little girl is absolutely gorgeous and it’s sad that so many people are speaking more on their assumption of makeup than on the beauty of the story. In my experience little black girls are just beautiful and kudos to her that you guys are so impressed with her appearance that you believe it’s not natural. Au contraire, it don’t take all that for our natural beauty to leave you in awe and just a bit envious.

  24. Rosette

    So let me get this straight.. Because I’m not understanding. Why are y’all bashing a 10 year old? Grown people talking down to a child.. A beautiful child that is trying to find and positive outlet to people bulling her about color of her skin.. And y’all are worried about eyelashes and eyebrows! Wow! I applaud you sweetie for not letting words hurt you are discouraged you baby continue to #flexinyourcomplexion… ..
    SN: where is the concern when you see 4-5 year olds wearing tons of makeup for beauty pageants??

  25. Sherry

    So beautiful,keep your head up look away to God.Who gave You that beautiful skin tone,always be proud of who you are.!!!

  26. SDT

    I just ordered my t-shirt and can’t wait to receive it! Somebody is caught up in her fricking lashes and make -up?!!! Really?!! Who gives a f#%k?!!! And how do you KNOW her lashes are fake anyway?!!! This is straight up envy and the devil IS a lie!!! This is the very reason White people always excel over US and why we struggle with excelling!!! Because of the crab mentality bulls%#t right here!!! I applaud this young Queen as well as her family and WILL be buying more of her t-shirts!

  27. Denita Ridgell

    ‼️‼️ I’m so VERY PROUD of her sister for the super support. There are three fair complected sisters and two brown complected sisters in my family. I’m of the brown complection .

    The sister right above me can pass for white, so she had the “wonderful privilege” of hearing people talk about me. She NEVER failed to show or tell me how beautiful I was as a child to now as I’m 50.

    Shame on ANY of you who can only make racist and stupid remarks . Try WALKING in her shoes !!! And thank The LORD for her sister who will stand be her side AGAINST IDIOTS in this world.

    Your BROWN IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Chrissy the Jersey City Gurl

    What a beautiful young lady. I can only hope for my children to be such a beautiful shade of brown.

  29. MicMas ReMiX

    Wishing nobody, especially children, didn’t have to experience such ignorance. I am wishing nena much success with t-shirt line. I went through a similar situation but with my hair texture which inspired me to launch MicMas ReMiX t-shirt line, “all hair is good hair” and “todo pelo es pelo bueno pa’que tu lo sepas”.

  30. Annie Simmonds

    Oh my giddy aunt! I am so disgusted with some of the awful comments on here. What an abysmal example to give young people. You should be as her of yourselves. This young girl is nit only smart she is also beautiful whether she has false lashes ir nit us irrelevant.

  31. Does it Matter!

    Crazy part is this young lady has been bullied in school then you come to this site she’s being bullied by ” Matured Adults ” . Really ?!? Bulling comes in all shapes and forms. Whether it’s Physical or Verbal. Some of you guys are worried about her wearing fake eyelashes and THICK eyeliner?!? Really at least she doesn’t have a full face of make up . She still appears too look youthful & beautiful for this simply photo shoot . Get over y’all selfs.

  32. April

    Colorism IS real. I’m brown skinned, my husband is dark brown and our daughter is light skinned like her grandmother. I see first hand something I wasn’t aware of, sometimes darker complexed women “hate” on lighter skinned women. I have never really seen this as I have a medium complexion. Slavery did a REAL number on our people. This girl is beautiful and her skin is beautiful, just like my lighter skinned daughter is beautiful too.

  33. Carolyn

    OMG… some of these commentary’s are out right ridiculous! What is wrong w/u? Eyelashes is a crime! You totally took the focus of the story and made it about your ignorant racist/bias issues! Didn’t your parents ever teach u “if you don’t have anything kind to say, say nothing at all”? Well I ‘m telling u! Just in case u were not taught proper ediquet. For those that claim to be Christian’s please read the word as it does instruct us on how we should speak to one another and it is full of gems and instruction in regards to bias and racism! GRACE, GRACE, GRACE

  34. susan

    She is a very precocious girl and probably has older sisters who wear makeup. Little girls want to be grown up. She’s adorable.

  35. Denise Johnson

    Wow! Our Heavenly Father is so Yah-some. He created all colors from the lightest to the darkest, which is the 0.1% that makes us all unique. Whether you have different eye color, tall or short, whatever culture you come from, whatever your body type is, the texture of your hair, language you speak (there are over 20,000 in the world), etc… are still and I say you are all unique. The 99.9% make us more alike than different. We are all human beings, 1 race, 1 people because at the end of the day you are still human. So for those who want to remain ignorant an not accepting of others can only change themselves. But we can all change our narrow minded in the box thinking by educating ourselves in facts not fiction. Ignorance will always separate us if we allow it. Intolerance is hatred and cause lack of respect for individuals we vieq as different. Intolerance is taught and it is learned behavior. We have to change because we have to much intolerance in our world, which we are being threatened with nuclear war which will eventually come because the pride is too high and deep. We have to ourselves and have an open line of communication going. If we put ourselves in other people’s shoes then we will begin to empathize with other. That’s the only way we can change for the better. It takes true grit which is integrity in not following negativity whatever it is because it’s cool…it not…positive moral character takes practice. This child is beautiful, we need to teach children how wrong bullying is. If you would like further info go to yahweh.c
    om or

  36. NursesRock

    She is very beautiful and I am proud of how she is handling her being bullied. I am ashamed at the adults that are on here talking about her lashes and makeup ..really… what if she didn’t handle the situation different and committed suicide then what would you self righteous Christians had to say… So I guess if a child is bulled you whether for them to commit suicide than to put flashes on., it this is the answer then I will a lot more of you all children with me on a ventilator


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