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10-Year-Old Bullied For Her Ethnic Background & Body Image Builds A Non-Profit

By Posted on 0 2 m read

10-year-old Hyjiah was bullied in school for her ethnic background, skin tone, and unique body image. Instead of letting others get her down she used her pain to lift herself and others up by starting her own non-profit organization called SuperGirlzland.

SuperGirlzland is a space for girls to express themselves and the issues that they face on an everyday basis. SuperGirlzland mission is to build a sisterhood between young girls. Being a victim of bullying herself, Hyjiah has developed strategies to counteract oppression of underserved people.

Hyjiah was touched by the plight of humanity during her trip to South Africa where she was able to touch and change lives. She worked with children to help them see the inspiration that drove her to challenge the normal and create the extraordinary.

Hyjiah’s motto is “brains first and beauty will follow”, she encourages girls to be optimistic and hopeful. SuperGirlzland curates loads of events, fashion shows, game nights and workshops all in efforts to help underprivileged girls build sisterhood and life skills.

Hyjian plans to take SuperGirlzLand international. She is also the creator and owner of PINKK PEARLZ, a t-shirt line. Young Hyjiah, has a natural entrepreneurial spirit that will take her to amazing places. We are sure she will continue to be successful in everything she puts her mind to while helping other girls reach their own unique dreams along the way.
Keep up the good work Hyjiah, we can’t wait to see who you become!
To keep up with this future Oprah:
Follow her on IG: @hyjiah or @SuperGirlzlandFoundation

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