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10 Women Who Did Incredible Things In 2016

By Posted on 0 4 m read

A majority of us have had major complaints about how horrid 2016 was, this year seems to have thrown people for a loop. 2016 was filled with transition, adversity, trials, and tribulations, but even when it’s dark out we must not forget to find the light.

Even though 2016 brought some of us hell on earth, it was the women of the world who truly strived this year, and for that they should be celebrated. Barriers were broken in more ways than one, and it’s remarkable to say the least.

Our voices are being heard and our stories are finally being told. Now more than ever women are gracefully stepping outside of misogynistic societal boxes and getting the credit that they deserve for their hard work and accomplishments. 2016 has brought recognition to the divine strength, potential, and beauty of women and more especially women of color.

Here are a few (out of a ton) amazing women, who have done incredible things in 2016. Add your favorites in the comments section below.


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