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10 Perks of Living The Single Life In Your 20’s

By Posted on 5 2 m read

When I think about how long I’ve been single, I can honestly say that I’m rather impressed. I don’t know how I’ve been able to maintain my sanity as a single millennial for so long, but it hasn’t always been easy. Living in a society that prides themselves so heavily on companionship and relationship goals can sometimes make being single feel unacceptable or frowned upon. However, I learned early on that relationships do not define who we are as people and being in a relationship doesn’t necessarily mean we will be happy. I’m coming up on my seven-year anniversary of living the single life and to be honest, it’s not as bad as it sounds. Let’s just say that it allows me to focus on things that are important to me without any distractions.

We can agree that there are both pros and cons to being single or in a relationship. However, I do believe that there are a lot of misconceptions out here that single people are these unhappy and desperate individuals who long for love they can’t get. No offense to anyone, but relationships aren’t exactly the hardest to get into nowadays.

Front and center are always the misfortunes of living the single life, but I rarely hear anyone talk about its perks. Yes, there are perks to being single — let’s talk about them!

10 Perks of Living The Single Life In Your 20’s

1. You can come and go as you please without having to offer an explanation to anyone of your whereabouts.

2. You can have as many guy friends as you’d like without having to dilute the nature of your friendship.

3. You save money during the holidays that require gift-giving.

4. You don’t have to share. You know, not that I mind sharing.

5. You can make decisions without having anyone to consider, other than your little ones (i.e. job opportunities, last minute plans, etc.).

6. You don’t have to go through the uneasiness or nervousness of meeting his family in hopes that they will like you.

7. You don’t feel pressure to always look red carpet ready, even when you’re not up to it. You know, sometimes you don’t want to have to require any effort.

8. You don’t have to pretend to like his friends or partake in meaningless conversations with them just to make him happy.

9. You can take as much time as you need to focus on yourself without any distractions.

10. You can be as neat or as messy as you’d like without judgement.

What are some of things you love most about being single?


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